How can our child learn 2 languages, German and our own language?

Dear parents,

Perhaps you sometimes ask yourselves
“How is our son or our daughter learning German?” or
“Can our child learn two languages at an early age?” or may be
“Will our child be able to express himself/herself well later in school?”

It is easy for a child to learn more than one language

If your child grows up speaking two different languages, for instance speaking one language at home and another one in kindergarten, your child has a great chance for his/her future. Research has shown, that children are able to learn two [or more] languages at an early age as long as they are actively supported in both languages. If father and mother speak different languages, then each parent may speak in his or her own language with the child. Children have no problem coping with that. However, in this case clear guidelines are important, such as: one person – one language. That way a child knows Mum speaks this way, and Dad speaks that way, and during lunchtime “we speak this way…” More…


Ahh, akhirnya libur musim panas datang juga. Adam libur 3 minggu, sudah mulai dari hari Jum’at kemarin sih. Ngga tau nih liburan dirumah mo ngapain aja. Tapi hari Sabtu kemarin, Papa Mama ngajak Adam jalan² beli beberapa mainan. Adam juga sudah dibelikan Mama Lernspiel nya Dora, jadi sekarang Adam punya dua, Thomas dan Dora untuk main dan belajar Adam dirumah.

Pengennya sih, liburan kemana gitu. Tapi Oma Opa masih belum sembuh, sejak kecelakaan di Eisenbahnmuseum awal Juni kemaren. Semoga Oma Opa cepet sembuh ya… Dan semoga Adam betah dirumah selama liburan musim panas ini :P

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